Friday, 19 June 2009

WEF: A Future Roadmap for Africa

The World Economic Forum in Cape Town last week brought together the public, private and non-governmental sector, as well as media and commentators on Africa.

Here, a final word on Africa’s Roadmap: From Crisis to Opportunity
  • Maria Ramos, CEO, ABSA Group: If we can build world-class stadiums we can build schools and health centres. We have the capacity, just not the execution. Africa is only limited by its imagination.
  • Graca Machel: Founder, Foundation for Community Development (Mozambique): We need to bring women and young people into the discussion. Women are more than half of emerging markets so must be part of the re-design of a world that equally belongs to them. They bring more than just numbers; but also entrepreneurship, talent, experience.
  • Graham Mackay, CEO, SAB Miller: The reality is that business creates wealth. If we could get Africa to grow by 6-7% instead of 4-5% we could solve most of the issues that we have talked about here today.
  • Soud Ba’alaway, executive chairman, Dubai Group: Africa needs to take risks. To realise opportunities and success you need more than plans, you need to execute. Africa is a land of opportunity and needs to celebrate its success stories.
  • Jacob Zuma, President of South Africa: We need to look at improving the perception of doing business in Africa. Larger economies on the continent should play a bigger role, but smaller ones also need to be ready to work together. South Africa is very transparent – you know the good and the bad of being here as a business, but we will continue to invest in creating jobs and changing the economic landscape.
  • Five key priorities for investment and participation:
    o Privatise education
    o Improve health
    o Combat crime
    o Rural development
    o Improve infrastructure

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