Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Football Fever hits SA

With just 2 days until the opening ceremony, the excitement is literally a tangible phenomenon. Everywhere you turn there are flags, Makarapa hats (fashioned out of builders safety helmets) and of course, the vuvuzela.

Now, I feel that I have to take a moment - or more - to discuss the vuvuzela because, love it or hate it, it has become a South African icon, part of popular culture and for this FIFA World Cup 2010 at least, a symbol of the indomitable African spirit. Sitting in the stands last night watching Mozambique vs Portugal, this was very much in evidence. The call of the vuvuzela resonating around the stand was both a challenge and a celebration, a distraction and an encouragement....a paradox that I am sure is going cause much media furore over the coming weeks. With so many vuvuzelas being blown at once, it begged the question of what the collective noun might be. My pounding head (despite earplugs) suggested a ‘violation of vuvuzelas’ but my heart knows that it is really a ‘victory’.

A victory of vuvuzelas for a continent finally given the chance to show the international community that it can host a world-class FIFA tournament, a victory of vuvuzelas for a continent pulling together for the first time in a year of peace and security and finally, a victory of vuvuzelas for Africans everywhere as the world wakes up to our potential in sport, culture and as a growing economic force.

So bring on FIFA World Cup 2010! Africa is ready, her arms are open in welcome....come and join the fun.

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